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The following are the list of prime importance projects executed by STPI in the field DataCom and IT Consultancy Services.

1.0 Khajane NET (The Treasury Department, Govt. of Karnataka)

KhajaneNET is a Project undertaken by Govt. of Karnataka to interconnect all the Treasuries in the state. The Treasuries are interconnected using VSAT’s to a centralized HUB located at Khanija Bhavan building in Bangalore. The VSAT based Satellite Network is designed to provide Data Services. The VSAT HUB Network is built with sufficient equipment redundancy.

The treasuries in the state conduct financial transactions of Government of Karnataka (both receipts and payments) and render proper accounts of financial transactions. The work of Department of Treasuries is spread across all the Districts and Taluks of the State numbering about 215. All these Treasuries function as “Pay and Accounts Office” for all the Govt. of Karnataka transactions. All the MIS reports and reports of expenditure on salaries, pensions, deposits and revenue receipts will be made available to the Government as well as the audit. With the ever-increasing role of the Government in welfare measures and its development activities of Governance, the public expenditure has increased manifold and thus the function of the Treasuries also have increased proportionately.

Keeping in view the criticality of the Data, which will be stored on this network, a Disaster Recovery Center is planned in Dharwad. The disaster recovery center is connected with the Hub by VSAT DVB link and also by a separate SCPC link of 128 Kbps (separate antenna at Dharwad side).

DRC will only serve the purpose of data mirroring and does not envisage any VSAT NMS replication.

STPI has been nominated as the primary nodal agency for the Consulting and Project management for KhajaneNET project. The KhajaneNET owned by the Department of Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Govt of Karnataka, is already operational and being managed by STPI on a 24 x 7 basis.

2.0 Commercial Tax Department, Govt. of Karnataka

With the liberalization process in India evolving, the method of taxation in the states was naturally under review. Indian states even now have the antiquated single point tax while the more advanced economies in the world have moved towards VAT (Value Added Tax).

VAT is a multi point levy of tax on the value addition in various stages. VAT administration therefore requires keeping a track of the transaction. Naturally the volume of data is huge & therefore has to have a large & efficient Information System infrastructure. Government of Karnataka has initiated plans in this regard and with the support of STPI has successfully implemented the project.

VAT in Karnataka is administered in a networked environment spread across the State in about 90 locations. The interface with taxpayer will be through TPS (Tax Payer Service), which will comprise of LVO’s (Local Vat Office) in large places and VSO’s (Vat Sub Offices) in smaller places. These Offices are completely computerized with a server in each LVO and will be on a LAN in client – server architecture. VSO’s will not be having any local server and will be depending on the respective LVO server. Each of these LAN’s in LVO and VSO are interconnected through VSATs to the central server in which state data resides & generate MIS reports for tax administration at the State level.

STPI has conducted a feasibility study and a design for sharing the existing Hub facility of KhajaneNET – the Treasury Network has been suggested. The KhajaneNET owned by the Department of Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Govt of Karnataka, is already operational and being managed by STPI on a 24 x 7 basis.

3.0 Communication System Monitoring Equipment (CSME) for Europe Star Satellite

The Europe Star teleport facility is located in the STPI, Network Operation Center-Bangalore for monitoring the downlink signals covering the ISN Region(India / Nepal / SriLanka) through the CSME facility (Communication System & Monitoring Equipment) and it is connected to the CSMN facility Tolohouse, France through Frame-relay circuit. The CSME setup is be capable of monitoring the multiple high-powered beams (Ku-Band) focused on (ISN) region and generate the report on the status of carriers for Ku-Band Europe*Star transponders.

The setup is operational and being managed by STPI on a 24 x 7 basis.

» Maintenance of CSME facility at Bangalore.
» Upgradation of CSME facility in line with Europe Star team
» Support for Calibration Testing.

4.0 Carrier Monitoring System (CMS) for PanAmSat Satellites

STPI Bangalore center is supporting the CMS facility (Carrier Monitoring System) for the PanAmSat PAS-7 Satellite and also for the recently launched PAS-10 Satellite covering the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The CMS System located at STPI, India will be capable of monitoring the multiple high-powered beams (Ku-Band) focused on India and generate the report on the status of carriers for Ku-Band PAS transponders.

The setup is connected to PAS NOC center at Atlanta via Leased Line Internet Circuit provided by STPI.

The setup is operational and being managed by STPI on a 24 x 7 basis.

» Maintenance of CMS facility at Bangalore.
» Upgradation of CMS facility in line with Europe Star team
» Support for Calibration Testing.

`5.0 Nortel Networks HUB at STPI

STPI has been housing the Nortel equipments since 1996, for providing the hub management, 24/7 supports for the development of Nortel projects, as Bangalore being identified as one of the major development center for Nortel in the Asia Pacific region.

STPI has facilitated Nortel for establishing the connectivity’s to their partner locations in Bangalore and other cities, which includes M/s. Infosys Technologies, M/s. Wipro and M/s. Sasken communications.

Nortel has established the sales and marketing office in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, which is the business centres for Nortel - India, where as STPI is able to provide the bandwidth and Infrastructure collocation services to Nortel.

The responsibilities of STPI team for Nortel includes:

» 24/7 support for Nortel Hub at NOC
» 24/7 Nortel support for partner sites
» Bandwidth monitoring and Uptime management of the NOC
» Infrastructure Upgradation and Inventory Management


This project envisages the setup of an integrated network operation centre and Internet Data center at NIC New Delhi. The objective is to be able to manage the NICNET from the Integrated network operations Center through the use of customized network management tools.

NIC New Delhi has entrusted the project iNOC – Integrated Network operation center to STPI – Bangalore for implementation. STPI Bangalore is the project Management agency for National Informatics Center.

As a part of the projects taken up for NIC, STPI Bangalore has designed, and implemented Infrastructure for iNOC and Integrated Data Center.

The Network Operations Center will be a multi layer system, which provides a capability to manage, monitor & control the NIC Network spread across the country through the NOC.

STPI team started with a detailed study of the NIC Network and assessed the needs of NIC for network management. STPI-B proposed to build an integrated & centralized IT Management system for NIC that aids NIC in terms of managing the restoration time, Optimize IT resources, service levels & business continuity.

The Proposed centralized NMS system polls the network elements across the country and data is collated at NIC-HQ, Delhi. The NOC systems are planned to monitor and gather the statistics of network elements that support SNMP & Non-SNMP protocols. NOC redundancy is planned at the highest level with complete replication of database that gets updated on a periodic basis that supports Full-fledged NMS at the Disaster Recovery Center at Hyderabad.

STPI has provided value added consulting in terms of identifying the capital investments required such as Display Systems, to aesthetically complete both the infrastructure setups.

7.0 Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd (BPML) – International Project

Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd (BPML) is a company set up by the Government of Mauritius with the responsibility to develop and manage new age Business Parks in the country. The first task of BPML has been the development of the Ebene Cyber City.

Conceptually Ebene CyberCity is proposed to have multiple zones each focusing on a specific activity that collectively aims to meet the requirements of ‘cyber city’ as defined in the preceding paragraphs. This self-sustainable knowledge park with provisions for all activities is expected to result in creation of a new business culture.

STPI’s role is providing consultancy services for the Business Parks of Mauritius Limited (BPML) to implement the complete communication infrastructure and services.

Software Technology Parks of India, Dept. of Information Technology, Ministry of Comm. & IT, and Govt. of India is acting as the Nodal Consultancy Agency for Ebene Cyber City Project.

STPI’s Role in the Project:

» Project Management and consultation
» Identification of Network & Communication Infrastructure.
» Identification of Office Infrastructure
» Integration of Network operations center
» Display System for monitoring network components

8.0 SWAN Projects

The following are the list of projects from State Government Departments to computerize the offices spread across District & Taluka Levels viz

» Karnataka State Wide Area of Network (KSWAN)

» Madhya Pradesh State Wide Area of Network (MPSWAN)

» Chhattisgarh State Wide Area of Network (CGSWAN)

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