Eligibility criteria for Allotment of Incubation facilities

Proposal from prospective Incubatees shall be analyzed considering various parameters as detailed below .The analyzed proposal shall be placed before the advisory board who shall thereafter decide to offer the space to the company /individual etc . The advisory board will examine the proposal based on various parameters like number of employees, total cost of the proposal % of R&D component etc.

An indicative marking methodology is shown below:

S. No. Description Criteria Marks Remarks If any
1. Type of Company Start up 10 Start up, multi locational, older than three years etc.
Less than 3 years old 5
More than 3 years old 2
2. Location Single 10 Multi-locational or uniloctaional Incubatee company
>3 but <5 5
>5 2
3. Product or Service to be developed R&D 10 R&D shall be given priority
Product 5
Service 2
4. Employment Generation >25 10 Employment generated by the Incubatee.
>15 but <25 5
<15 2

Incubation seats shall be allotted on first come first serve basis subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria, assessment of Advisory Board and availability of seats.

Incubator unit shall apply online for availing Incubation space at STPI Surat.

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